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Packing tips

WORLD LINE CARGO INC. is committed to delivering your parcels fast and safely. However, you must bear in mind that parcels are handled several times during transit. Here is some useful advice about how to properly package your parcels to make sure they are delivered in the best condition.

Our customers are solely responsible of properly packaging their parcels to make them safe for transportation. WORLD LINE CARGO INC. does not take responsibility for this advice we offer.

Your parcel has to meet the following criteria:

To avoid these kinds of situations, you must:

MOST IMPORTANTLY, REMEMBER THAT PARCELS MUST BE PROPERLY PACKAGED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONTENT OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. Don’t assume that the “Fragile” or “Handle with care” labels may compensate for proper packaging. These are only informative labels.


1. Don’t use duct tape as it can easily peel off as shown in the photos below:

2. Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes/parcels. Parcels that are not full may bend and break during transit.

3. Don’t use paper adhesive tape. It is the worst quality tape as it tears very easily and is not resistant enough.

4. Boxes weighing more than 30 kg break and tear because of their own weight

5. Don’t use raffia bags. We strongly advise against using them as they tear very easily


Wrap parcels in plastic foil or paper and use scotch tape all around them, on all sides. You MUST wrap luggage/suitcases and plastic boxes in plastic foil:

Use wood boxes or pallets for packaging very fragile or heavy items:

Packaging of vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, cars, or tractors is recommended, though not necessary:

Proper packaging for furniture:

Use an appropriate boxes for other kinds, we recommend: http://www.uline.ca/

bicicletaDouble Wall Boxes ghitara hainelampa lucruri mari paharepian saltea skateboardski snowboardstatuie fragilsurfboard tablou tenis tuns iarba manualatv


Goods/parcels/boxes are handled manually both in Canada and Romania. Parcels are placed one on top of another in the warehouse, in the container, as well as during delivery to their destination in Romania.

WE CANNOT ensure a specific position, temperature or handling during shipping.

Should you have such requirements or other special needs (such as handling, warehousing or shipping), please contact us in advance.

World Line Cargo Inc. is not responsible for packaging the parcels or for this advice regarding packaging. Our customers are solely responsible of properly packaging their parcels to make them safe for transportation.

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