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Frequently asked questions

Forbidden items

What items are forbidden?

• Living animals • Firearms • Items of exceptional value (e.g. works of art, antiques, gems, gold, and silver) • Money, negotiable items, and prepaid credit cards • Alcohol • Jewellery and watches whose value exceeds CA $500 (not imitations of jewellery and watches) • Furs • Ivory and ivory objects • Dangerous goods/materials (in accordance with IATA standards) • Perishable goods • Pornographic material • (Wild) Animal skins • Plants • Seeds • Tobacco and tobacco products • Explosives • Gas • Flammable liquids • Solid flammable substances • Toxic or contaminant substances • Radioactive material, etc. Besides the above-mentioned items, the following goods cannot be shipped by air: any kind of perfumes, even if they are well-protected or packaged, battery operated laptops (we can ship the laptop but without the battery, as any kind of batteries are forbidden).

What is a minimum fee for shipping by sea?