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Repatriation and Immigration

In accordance with the EU Regulation No. 1186/2009 Regulamentul CEE nr. 1186/ 2009, (CHAPTER I) personal property items are object of a relief from customs duties. A person transferring their place of residence must have resided abroad for no less than 12 months.

You should be aware that traveling to a foreign country as a tourist and staying there illegally for a period of 12 months does not constitute grounds for relief of customs duties (we are giving this example to be more conclusive). The following authorities can certify that a person had his or her residence abroad for at least 12 months:

- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a repatriation certificate issued to citizens of other countries that accept Romanian citizenship, as well as to Romanian staff working abroad;

- the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior for a person who settles in Romania..

The deadline to import goods that are subject to repatriation to Romania is 12 months, starting the date of the transfer of residence (by choosing domicile or residence) on the Romanian territory. The property can be brought into Romania by multiple shipments; you must show repatriation documents every time. A person may import in goods within 6 months on basis of a written letter of intent to settle in Romania. Once the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of the Administration and the Interior grant their approval, you will have to pay a deposit for the property, in favor of the Customs Office in the country of destination. This deposit will be refunded after the original repatriation documents will be obtained.

A personal vehicle can be brought into the country on a relief from customs duties provided it will not be used for commercial purposes; in other words, vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, cranes, or vacuum trucks cannot be brought into the country on a relief from customs duties. While importable vehicles can be of any year, bear in mind that they have to be registered in compliance with the pollution regulations in effect. We strongly recommend that you check with the Registrul Auto Roman (the Romanian Department of Motor Vehicles) before shipping your vehicle, using a photocopy of its registration document.

Customs regulations do not specify the number of vehicles that can be brought in with a relief from customs duties.

Driver’s licenses from the USA or Canada are valid in Romania; however, you will have to transfer them to Romanian ones.

Tools and equipment bought in another country and that are brought into Romania with a relief from customs duty through repatriation are considered as special cases. Each item will have to be assessed for a potential relief from customs duty.

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