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Starting May 19, 2010, World Line Cargo is an authorized agent of Ria Financial Services for money transfers from Canada anywhere in the world (107 countries) where there is a RIA agent. RIA Financial Services is a world leader in the field of financial services and a specialist in international money transfer. Currently, the RIA network has over 5,000 international agents worldwide (in Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, USA, Mexico, Latin American countries, Asia, and Africa).

How to make a money transfer:

  • 1

    The sender goes to our headquarters in Montreal World Line Cargo to send money.

  • 2

    The sender provides the operator with the receiver’s information (name, address) and chooses the pick-up location. The sender deposits the money, including the corresponding fees, and a transaction receipt is issued to him.

  • 3

    The sender must give the receiver the amount sent and the name of the pick-up location.

  • 4

    The receiver goes to the pick-up location and shows an ID (in Romania, the identity card) in order to receive the money.

  • 5

    The receiver cashes the money in the currency indicated by the sender (in Romania - RON, EUR or USD), with no costs.

Pick-up locations in Romania: any CEC BANK/Transfer Rapid, Smith & Smith SRL (or Smith & Smith SRL branch (available at Agentiilor proprii and in BCR) branches) andRomanian International Bank.

Fees are very affordable. Also, if you pay in US dollars and want the receiver to pick up his money in the same currency, you do not lose any money after the exchange.

Please contact us for further details.


Special Offers

By air: delivery before Christmas in Romania

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